ProLine V4 Line Marker

easy, fast, reliable

FountainLine is proud to present their all NEW ProLine V4 Line Marker. The new upgraded model means even sharper, brighter, lines than ever before! The NEW ProLine V4 is the most advanced, easy to use line marker on the market. Unbeatable!

"It’s easy to use and it’s easy to clean. Fountain you have done a good job on the machine to make it last longer in the pump and the battery."

Broken Hill Soccer Association

"I purchased the Proline V4 at the end of 2014. I have found that it is very easy to use, saves time & paint compared to my old Fountain clubline. Would recommend the V4 to anyone."

Education Queensland

"We have line marking commitments across a number of locations so we have two ProLine V4 sprayers. One does 6 fields on a single charge no problem. Reliable, but due to Canberra's cold weather they need a hot flush sometimes to get rid of all paint."

Gungahlin United Football Club

"Used Fountain products for over 15 years – replacing MK2 markers."

Melbourne Grammar School

"Working well and a lot less labour intensive than previous machine."

Penola and District Little Athletics Centre

"Brilliant, best marker I have used in 40 years in the industry!"

Tullawong State High School

QUICK MIXTM means no messy transferring of paint products - simply mix in the removable container - easy colour swap. Patent Pending No. 2011903958

New super heavy duty pump! Non clogging. Long life - over 2000 hours!

The FAST CLEANTM system means easy cleaning! Connect your hose and your linemarker is cleared in seconds. Patent Pending No. 2011903956

Improved battery system! Simplified wiring and waterproof switch ensures trouble free operation.

Superior line marking! RDSTM (Reliable Delivery System) variable line width and position mechanism.

New utilities box - stores your pegs, linemarking accessories and drinks!


getting started

line marking and colour changing

cleaning and recharging


boom attachment

spray attachment



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