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New 10L ULTRA CUBE Space Saver!



FountainLine delivers again on the revolutionary NEW 10L ULTRA CUBE Space Saver!

Getting the job done is simple with FountainLine’s easy to STORE, fast OPEN and POUR, reliable line marking paints.

Australia’s line marking professionals trust FountainLine’s paints for their reliable brightness, durability and value. And so can you… see how.

Save up to 50% on your freight

NEW Space Saver Packaging

'UltraCube' means you can save up to 50% on your freight when you bulk order. More efficient packaging saves you money on transport.

Enjoy the convenience of having line marking paint on hand when you need it. No more rushing around at the last minute ordering stock. Plus, claim back some space in your shed!

Fast Application

NEW Easy Pour Corners

'UltraCube' means easier pour from the corner, saving mess and eliminating spills and waste. What would your boss say to that?

Easy Open

NEW Easy Open Lid

'UltraCube' has a unique easy open ring pull tamper seal and easy remove lid. It's easier and faster to get started!

Reliable Results

NEW Clearer Labelling

'UltraCube' clearer labels means reliability in results every time you mark. Save time and minimise waste. All dilution rates and diagrams are printed on every drum ensuring accurate procedures can be easily followed every time. Safety Data on every cube means 'UltraCube' meets all OH&S obligations.

CALL NOW and find out how FountainLine can save you more than just SPACE with our special offers: +61 2 9587 0232.

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