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New SmartLine GPS Line Marker


Imagine walking onto a sporting field and setting up for Line Marking in seconds without rope, pegs and measurement tools. Then imagine Line Marking that field in a matter of minutes with lines that are perfectly aligned and straight. Imagine no more…

FountainLine have developed the perfect solution to take the hassle and worry out of Line Marking. The SmartLine GPS line marker is the latest from FountainLine, Australia’s leading Line Marking machinery manufacturer. The SmartLine GPS uses cutting-edge satellite technology to allow a single person the ability to set up and mark any sporting field in minutes. The SmartLine GPS technology also saves time and money with the most convenient method of Line Marking ever devised.

"All you do is select a sports field layout from the range of templates, take the SmartLine line marker to a start point in your field, set up the GPS tripod for orientation, and off you go!" says Terry Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer, FountainLine. "The display guides you every step of the way, and an alert tells you if you're approaching an intersection or endpoint."

At the Sydney launch on 5 December, a FountainLine distributor – using a SmartLine for the first time – marked a perfect, 18 metre-diameter circle on a soccer field in less than two minutes – including the set out. With no need for flags, pegs or string – or a second greenkeeper – the average time taken to set out a sports field is reduced by around 98 percent.

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