FountainLine is an integrated manufacturer of grass line marking machines and grass line marking paints, that cater for a variety of budgets and users, from professional stadiums to small sporting clubs. Established in the 1930s, FountainLine’s capability is in its integrated components manufacturing capability which is recognised as a market leader.

FountainLine team of dedicated professionals believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Our success is founded on a customer focused and solutions driven approach to our products and services.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we work with you in providing a range of quality grass line marking machines to choose from, as well as a superior range of grass line marking paints and machine accessories to meet your particular needs.


FountainLine – The Choice of Champions for Over 70 Years

The FountainLine story is inextricably linked with the development of the Line Marking Industry in Australia.

Founded by John McGain in the early 1930s, FountainLine is a progressive company that has stood the test of time through focusing on sound business principles. Starting from humble beginnings, FountainLine, has provided outstanding workmanship and been dedicated to looking after their customers. Every FountainLine business owner has applied this same philosophy, of building strong customer relationships first and foremost.

To this day, these business values extend to all people associated with the business; customers, suppliers and employees alike. Even with the latest technology and innovations, this customer centric business philosophy, is the key to FountainLine’s long history and success.

Today, FountainLine is a leader in the manufacture of line marker machines, line marking paint, and accessories. FountainLine continues to provide outstanding service to its customers and is at the forefront of the Line Marking industry.

The future holds many challenges for the industry – constantly improving the line marking machines, while maintaining ecologically safe products to world class standards.

We hope you will benefit from FountainLine’s vast experience and take part in Line Marking history. Experience it now – past, present and future – FountainLine – The Choice of Champions for Over 70 Years.


Vision Statement

To become the most innovative supplier and developer of Line Marking products and solutions.

Mission Statement

To deliver quality products and outstanding customer service at the best possible value.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on ‘simplicity’ of innovation that has delivered value to our customers for over 70 years.

Company Values

Integrity, reliability, fairness, teamwork.


A trusted name a trusted brand
marking bright lines across this land…

From Brisbane to Perth to Adelaide
you know it’s alright it’s Australian made

The ProLine V4 is one of a kind
its features and value gives peace of mind

The discs on a slide rail, the quick mix too
the RDS pump, we listened to you

Our Fast Clean system is second to none
halves cleaning time, in 10 minutes you’re done

For the smaller job the ClubLine’s just right
strong and sturdy it’s full of might

We’re here to help you with all of your needs
our after sales service will put your mind at ease

Call us for a chat we always have time
because we are what makes FountainLine