“It’s easy to use and it’s easy to clean. Fountain you have done a good job on the machine to make it last longer in the pump and the battery.”

Broken Hill Soccer Association

“The line marker has saved me a heap of time when marking the lines. I mark 3 grounds on a Friday afternoon and I can get them done in 2 hrs and 3 stubbies. That includes travel etc as well. Very happy indeed.”

Cam Mellis, Boronia Football Club

“I’ve been using Fountainline for 20 years now. I’ve been very happy with the UltraWhite but this XtremeWhite is in a league of its own, so bright I needed sunglasses.”

Darren, East Ringwood Football Club

“My Fountain line marker continues to perform flawlessly after 19 years marking my tennis court.”

Dr Graham P West

“I purchased the Proline V4 at the end of 2014. I have found that it is very easy to use, saves time & paint compared to my old Fountain clubline. Would recommend the V4 to anyone.”

Education Queensland

“We have line marking commitments across a number of locations so we have two ProLine V4 sprayers. One does 6 fields on a single charge no problem. Reliable, but due to Canberra’s cold weather they need a hot flush sometimes to get rid of all paint.”

Gungahlin United Football Club

“Sydney Business Houses Rugby League purchased a 30 litre FountainLine line marker in 1991 for use in marking 2 football fields and for general grounds maintenance.

Over the past 20 years the line marker has been used on the two football fields which have been regularly marked for Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Soccer as required. This has proved to be a sizeable task but has been made easier with the FountainLine. The line marker has also been used extensively for weed spraying using the extension provided by FountainLine.

We have only recently obtained a modern FountainLine V4 line marker but the original machine remains serviceable and will continue to be used for weed spraying and further use as a line marker if required.

The purchase of the original FountainLine line marker was probably the best investment we have ever made. We are confident that the new machine will prove to be just as valuable.”

Lloyd Newman, Norford Park Ground Co-ordinator

“Used Fountain products for over 15 years – replacing MK2 markers.”

Melbourne Grammar School

“Grounds staff of the Parkes Sports Council have been highly impressed with the efficiency, ease of operation and portable nature of the new FountainLine V4 line marker. We believe it represents exceptional value for money and can highly recommend its use by councils and sporting bodies around the State for which line marking on sporting fields is a core responsibility.”

Michael Greenwood, Secretary, Parkes Sports Council

“Working well and a lot less labour intensive than previous machine.”

Penola and District Little Athletics Centre

“Having been marking our ground with the same old line marker for over a decade, it had finally given out and with no spare funds we approached FountainLine for a donation. FountainLine’s team were very understanding of our plight, given we are in a low socio economic area and struggle for sponsorship. In a couple of days they managed to get a refurbished model delivered to Melbourne for us and we will be forever indebted to them for this generosity. We can’t thank FountainLine enough for their donation and hope to be able to purchase a new line marker from them next time around.”

Rick Thorneycroft, North Heidelberg Football Club

“Your distributor Aaron of the Palmerston North branch was excellent. He has great advice on paint types and what colours are more effective for our job. We received the item the next day and we are very impressed with his service. Please pass on our feedback to Aaron.”

Tolaga Bay Area School

“Brilliant, best marker I have used in 40 years in the industry!”

Tullawong State High School