Superior Line Marking Solutions for Every Sports Field

Line Marking Machines

Innovative Line Marking for Precise, Professional Results

Versatility and Precision for All Field Types

Explore the premium range of FountainLine line marking machines, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of various sports fields. Our collection blends advanced technology with FountainLine’s tradition of quality and reliability, ensuring exceptional line marking for every application. From compact solutions for small clubs to high-efficiency machines for professional venues, FountainLine offers a perfect match for your line marking needs.

ProLine Drop & Go

Versatile and reliable line marking machine featuring advanced technology for professional results, suitable for various sports fields.

ProLine V4

Easy-to-use and fast line marking machine with enhanced precision and reliability, ideal for achieving sharp, bright lines effortlessly.

ClubLine 2

Ideal for clubs and schools, offering straightforward operation, long-lasting performance, and adjustable spray quantity for versatile marking.

EzyLine Marker

Cost-effective, no-maintenance line marking solution for grass fields, designed for ease of use and quick setup with durable construction.

Aerosol Line Marker

Lightweight and easy to use, perfect for both hard and soft surfaces with variable line widths and stable, accurate markings.

FineLine Marker

Fast, clean, and easy marking for bowling greens, providing professional results with minimal effort and durable construction.

ProLine Drop & Go

Advanced Line Marking Made Simple

Introducing the NEW ProLine Drop & Go – FountainLine’s latest innovation. Precision engineered for versatility, reliability, and ease of use, this machine combines QuickMix concentrate system with the Drop & Go mechanism, allowing quick swaps between high-performance concentrate liquids and ready-to-use paint. Enhanced with the SureFlo™ hi-flo pumps and electric shut-off valve, it ensures professional results consistently.

Enhanced Precision

Achieve professional results every-time from our Reliable Delivery System (RDS).

Effortless Operation

Optional Paint system allows for seamless switching between paint types, enhancing efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

Featuring our exclusive FastClean system for a quick, mess-free cleanup, saving you time post-marking.

ProLine V4

Easy, Fast, Reliable Marking

The ProLine V4 is the pinnacle of line marking technology, offering unmatched ease of use and superior results. Featuring the QuickMix™ system for hassle-free paint mixing, a super heavy-duty pump, and the FastClean™ system for swift cleaning, this machine is designed to deliver sharp, bright lines effortlessly.

Professional Results

Achieve professional and consistent results with our expertly engineered line markers, designed to deliver impeccable lines on every sports field.


Capable of marking large areas quickly and efficiently, this system is ideal for sports venues seeking to minimise labour and time.


Comes equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and operation, making advanced line marking accessible to all users.

ClubLine 2 Liquid Line Marker

Precision Marking for Schools and Clubs

Designed for clubs and schools, the ClubLine 2 Liquid Line Marker offers ease of use and reliable performance. Equipped with a convenient 16-litre tank and a battery-powered pump spray system, this machine is perfect for frequent use with minimal maintenance.

Effortless Marking

Simple switch-on operation makes line marking quick and easy, allowing users to start marking immediately without complicated setup.

Reliable Performance

Long-life pump ensures consistent spray for professional-quality lines, delivering dependable results with every use.

Portable and Compact

Lightweight design and foldable structure for easy storage and transport, making it ideal for facilities with limited storage space.

EzyLine Marker

Affordable Line Marking Made Easy

FountainLine’s EzyLine Marker offers professional line marking with minimal effort. Simply pour paint into the 20L container and start marking. With no need for cleaning, battery charging, or maintenance, this cost-effective solution is perfect for all grass sports fields.

Effortless Operation

Simply fill with paint and start marking, saving time and reducing labor while ensuring accurate and consistent lines.


Durable metal body and rollers provide long-lasting use, minimising replacement costs and offering excellent value for money.

No Maintenance

Designed for easy use without the need for cleaning or battery charging, ensuring low maintenance and maximum convenience.

Aerosol Line Marker

Compact Precision Marking Made Simple

Ideal for both hard and soft surfaces, the Aerosol Line Marker is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for quick, precise line marking. This versatile machine allows for variable line widths and ensures stability and accuracy with its four-wheel design.

Lightweight Design

Easy to transport and use, perfect for quick jobs on the go, ensuring efficient and effortless operation.

Versatile Application

Suitable for a variety of surfaces with adjustable line widths to meet different marking needs, from sports fields to parking lots.

Ideal for Small Areas

Perfectly suited for smaller sports facilities or as a supplementary tool for quick touch-ups and detail work on any field.

FineLine Bowling Green Marker

Effortless Precision, Professional Quality

The FineLine Bowling Green Marker revolutionises marking for bowling greens. Designed for precision and ease, this machine offers clean, professional results with minimal effort. Simply fill with liquid concentrate and start marking.

Clean Operation

Avoid messy chalk lines with this liquid concentrate marker, ensuring neat, clean results and easy cleanup after use.

Ease of Use

Quick setup and operation make it simple for anyone to use, reducing preparation time and increasing efficiency.

Professional Quality

Delivers straight, sharp lines for a polished, professional appearance on any green, enhancing the overall look and playability of the surface.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

Explore FountainLine’s extensive range of line marking paints and liquids, designed for durability and vibrant visibility. From ready-to-use formulas like ProntoWhite to concentrated solutions like UltraBlack Max, our products ensure your sports fields look flawless and professional under any conditions.