The Evolution of Line Marking

ProLine Drop & Go

Innovate your turf with the precision and efficiency of ProLine Drop & Go.

Meet the Future of Line Marking

Introducing the NEW ProLine Drop&Go – FountainLine’s latest innovation in Sports Field Line Markers. Precision engineered by our team of highly skilled craftsman to develop a versatile, reliable and easy to use Line Marking Machine. Combining the QuickMix concentrate system with the latest Drop&Go system allows operators to quickly swap between FountainLine’s high performance Concentrate liquids to the time saving and simple Pronto range of Ready To Use “RTU” in seconds. Performance enhancements include the New SureFlo ™ hi-flo pumps for even dispersion of paint droplets and electric shut off valve for crisp start and ends of lines means professional results can be consistently achived.

Product Features

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

FountainLine offers a wide range of Sports Field Line Markers ranging from compact Aerosol Line Markers for hard surfaces through to Autonomous GPS Guided Line Markers for the professional sporting venues and all Sporting venues in between. Whether you’re managing a major sports stadium or a community club field, we provide the tools for effortless and economical line marking.

Enhanced Precision

NEW larger Stainless Steel Marking Discs with a raised locking mechanism to prevent paint tracking.

Optional Paint System

Quick Change between concentrate paint to Ready To Use (RTU) paint.

NEW SurFlo Pump

Consistent, high-quality lines every time with the new heavy-duty SurFlo pump.

RDS Slide Rail

Customise your comfort with the RDS Slide Rail's adjustable spray head positions.

NEW Spray Head

New electric solenoid valve ensure crisp and precise starts and ends to lines and dashes.

FastClean System

Effortless cleaning with FastClean for mess-free maintenance.

Why Choose ProLine Drop & Go?

Choosing the right line marking system can transform the functionality and appearance of your sports fields. The ProLine Drop & Go represents the pinnacle of manual line marking technology, combining unmatched precision, ease of use, and innovative features designed to meet the demands of any sports facility. Whether you manage a local club or a professional sports stadium, discover why the ProLine Drop & Go is the trusted choice for achieving perfect results every time.

Heritage of Excellence

With over 90 years of experience, FountainLine combines tradition with innovation to deliver line marking solutions that exceed expectations.

Robust Construction

Our machines are built to last, with durable materials and construction designed to withstand the demands of frequent use and harsh conditions.

Engineered Precision

Engineered with accuracy and durability at the forefront, ensuring every line is flawlessly straight and consistently sharp.

Versatile Options

Ergonomically designed with height-adjustable handles, making line marking comfortable for any user.

Innovative Cleanliness

Featuring our exclusive FastClean system for a quick, mess-free cleanup, saving you time post-marking.

Optimised Paint Consumption

with precision matched nozzle and pump flow rates resulting in ultimate brightness and durability with minimal environmental impact and reduced costs.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

Explore FountainLine’s extensive range of line marking paints and liquids, designed for durability and vibrant visibility. From ready-to-use formulas like ProntoWhite to concentrated solutions like UltraBlack Max, our products ensure your sports fields look flawless and professional under any conditions.


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