Precision GPS Line Marking Solutions


Revolutionising Field Maintenance with Cutting-edge Technology.

SWOZI GPS Line Marking Machines

Precision Technology for Every Sports Field

Discover the superior SWOZI range of GPS line marking machines, proudly supported by FountainLine. This collaboration brings together SWOZI’s cutting-edge GPS technology and FountainLine’s commitment to quality and service, offering a comprehensive lineup of line marking solutions. Whether for vast stadiums or local sports clubs, explore our versatile SWOZI models, each engineered to meet diverse operational needs with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Stealth Striper GPS

Semi Autonomous Line Marking. Ideal for Clubs, Councils, Schools and Contractors with high volume fields.

SWOZI Auto 4 in 1 GPS

Autonomous Line Marking. Ideal for Clubs, Councils, Schools and Contractors with multiple fields, limited time and staff.

SWOZI Ride On 3 in 1 GPS

Semi Autonomous Line Marking. Ideal for Clubs, Councils, Schools and Contractors with high volume fields.

SWOZI Pro 2 in 1 GPS

Semi Autonomous Line Marking, up-gradable to Ride. Ideal for Clubs with multiple field, Councils, Schools and Contractors.

SWOZI Pico 2 in 1 GPS

Semi Autonomous Line Marking - Ideal for sporting clubs with several fields

Stealth Striper

Unmatched Precision and Efficiency

The Stealth Striper is FountainLine’s state-of-the-art line marking machine designed for high-precision and efficient operation. Built for professional sports fields and stadiums, the Stealth Striper ensures perfect lines with every pass, combining innovative technology with robust construction to meet the demands of top-tier sports facilities.

One Pass

Line mark and mow in one single operation, streamlining field preparation and saving valuable time and resources for your grounds team.

Fast & Efficient

Capable of painting a typical full-size soccer field in just 15 minutes with a single operator, enhancing productivity and reducing labour costs.


RTK GPS technology ensures precision fields every time, delivering consistent, high-quality results that meet professional standards.

Swozi Auto

Autonomy Meets Field Precision

Introducing SWOZI Auto, a fully autonomous GPS line marking system designed to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency across extensive sports complexes. This machine streamlines field maintenance without human intervention, ensuring consistent, perfect lines under all conditions.

Fully Autonomous

Automatically operates with sophisticated GPS, executing precise line marking tasks with zero manual input, perfect for large-scale operations.


Capable of marking large areas quickly and efficiently, this system is ideal for professional sports venues seeking to minimise labour and time.


Comes equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and operation, making advanced line marking accessible to all users.

Swozi Ride On

Comfort and Control on the Go

SWOZI Ride-On combines the ease of a ride-on vehicle with advanced GPS technology, providing a comfortable, efficient solution for marking large sports fields. Ideal for operators seeking both comfort and precision in maintenance tasks.

Ride-On Comfort

Engineered for comfort, reducing operator fatigue with a seat designed for extended use, making it ideal for large area coverage.

GPS Enhanced Accuracy

Integrates high-precision GPS technology to ensure every line is perfectly straight and consistent.

Robust Construction

Constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding rigorous use across various terrain types.

Swozi Pro

Precision Line Marking Redefined

Dual Mode Flexibility

Provides the option to switch between fully automated GPS-guided marking and manual control for intricate design work on sports fields.

Professional Quality Lines

Ensures top-quality line markings that meet professional sports standards, ideal for venues hosting competitive events.

Adaptable to Various Fields

Versatile design capable of handling different sporting event requirements, ensuring high performance in any setting.

SWOZI Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility, combining GPS-guided precision with manual control options, allowing for detailed and complex sports field designs. This model is ideal for facilities that require precision and adaptability.

Swozi Pico

Compact Precision Marking

SWOZI Pico is a portable, handheld GPS line marking device designed for quick, precise applications on smaller sports fields or for touch-ups. It’s lightweight, easy to operate, and perfect for smaller venues or emergency line corrections.

Handheld Convenience

Extremely portable and easy to use, offering precision GPS line marking in a compact, handheld device.

Quick Setup and Use

Simple operation allows for immediate use with minimal setup, ideal for urgent marking needs or smaller areas.

Ideal for Small Areas

Perfectly suited for smaller sports facilities or as a supplementary tool for quick touch-ups and detail work on any field.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

Explore FountainLine’s extensive range of line marking paints and liquids, designed for durability and vibrant visibility. From ready-to-use formulas like ProntoWhite to concentrated solutions like UltraBlack Max, our products ensure your sports fields look flawless and professional under any conditions.