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Swozi Pico

Budget-friendly GPS line marking for sports clubs

Product Features

Essential Features for Outstanding Performance

Introducing the Swozi Pico – the perfect entry-level solution for budget-conscious sports clubs. The Swozi Pico combines essential GPS technology with user-friendly operation, allowing a single operator to mark fields with precision and efficiency. This compact and cost-effective machine is designed for clubs with one or more pitches, ensuring accurate and consistent line markings every time. The Swozi Pico’s simplicity and reliability make it an invaluable tool for any sports club looking to save time and resources.

GPS Precision

Ensure impeccable lines with GPS-guided precision. The Swozi Pico uses GPS technology to deliver consistently accurate line markings, adapting seamlessly to various field conditions.

User-Friendly Interface

Operate with ease using the intuitive controls and GPS receiver. Pre-loaded with templates for over 100 field types, the Swozi Pico allows quick setup and precise line marking.

Dual Capacity Paint System

The Swozi Pico offers space for up to two 10L paint canisters, sufficient for marking up to six sports fields. It supports paint from any manufacturer, providing flexibility and convenience.

Versatile Spray Mechanism

The stainless steel spray head with suction filter ensures a perfect paint flow, while the three large ball-bearing wheels provide smooth movement across the field.

Durable Construction

The stainless steel spray lance with suction filter ensures a perfect paint flow, while the three large ball-bearing wheels provide smooth movement across the field.

Why Choose Swozi Pico?

Opting for the Swozi Pico revolutionises the way your sports fields are marked, providing precision and efficiency within a budget-friendly framework. This entry-level GPS line marking system is designed specifically for sports clubs, offering unmatched convenience and performance. The Swozi Pico allows for quick field marking with easy layout selection via the intuitive interface. Monitor and adjust its progress, achieving accurate lines every time. With a capacity for up to two paint canisters and a durable battery system, the Swozi Pico covers extensive field areas without frequent pauses for refills or recharges.

Beginner-Friendly Operation

Perfect for clubs new to GPS line marking, the Swozi Pico is designed for ease of use, making it accessible even for those with minimal experience.

Compact and Portable

The lightweight and compact design of the Swozi Pico makes it easy to transport and store, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any club’s equipment roster.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Swozi Pico offers professional-grade line marking at an affordable price, making it an excellent investment for clubs looking to optimise their budgets.

Quick Setup and Use

With its intuitive interface and pre-loaded field templates, the Swozi Pico allows for fast setup and immediate use, saving valuable time on the field.

Low Maintenance

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Swozi Pico requires minimal maintenance, ensuring it remains reliable and ready for use whenever needed.

Ergonomic Design

The height-adjustable handlebar and smooth-rolling wheels ensure comfortable and easy operation, reducing strain on the operator and enhancing overall usability.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

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