Xtreme Line Marking Paint


Introducing FountainLine’s unique, high-durability line-marking paint.

  • 2X the brightness
  • 2X the durability
  • 2X the concentration

Mark twice as many fields with the same amount of paint. 1 x 10L tub now makes up to 160L of line-marking liquid.

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All-weather line marking

XtremeWhite and XtremeBlack also includes our game-changing hydrophobic formula that lets you paint straight onto wet grass.



SAVE TIME – High-durability pigments mean Xtreme lasts twice as long, so you only need to mark half as often.

SAVE MONEY – Double the concentration means you can mark twice as many fields with the same amount of liquid.

SAVE WASTE – Our non-settling formula means longer storage life, simplifying stock ordering and eliminating wastage.

SAVE SPACE – Our new 10L XtremeQube tubs occupy 40% less storage spaces, which also lowers freight and warehouse costs.

SAVE SPILLAGE – Square-corner tubs make for easy pouring, and include easy-to-follow dilution instructions.

RELIABLE RESULTS – For use in all types of liquid line markers. Manufactured under ISO9001 quality standards for consistent results every time.

Available Colours

XtremeWhite XtremeBlack

Recommended Mixing and Diluting