Effortless Precision with Autonomous Line Marking

Swozi Auto

Autonomous gps line marking for maximum convenience

Product Features

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

Introducing the Swozi Auto – the latest innovation in autonomous sports field line markers. The Swozi Auto is revolutionising the way sports fields are prepared. This fully autonomous line marking machine is equipped with cutting-edge RTK GPS technology, allowing for precise and consistent lines every time. Its user-friendly interface and versatile application make it suitable for various sports, including soccer, rugby, and athletics. Built to withstand rigorous conditions, the Swozi Auto offers unparalleled efficiency and durability, making it a valuable asset for any sports facility.

Unique 4 In 1 Feature

Unique 4 in 1 feature means that The Swozi Auto can easily adapt to all requirements. Autonomous GPS, Ride On GPS, Push GPS and Manual Line Marking in one machine.

Two GPS precision sources

Utilising two high precision GPS receivers means outstanding quality and consistent performance.

User Friendly Software

Tablet based software includes all customisable sports field templates and even upload user defined fields and custom logos. Cloud based storage means all data is always protected.

Dual Battery System

Make use of the interchangeable battery system, ensuring two batteries are always ready for use, allowing for hours of uninterrupted line marking.

Adjustable Spray Head and Arm

Thanks to the adjustable spray head and movable spray arm, the marker maintains precise lines on uneven terrain.

Why Choose Swozi Auto?

Choosing the right GPS line marking system can transform the functionality and appearance of your sports fields. The SWOZI auto offers unmatched convenience for field marking.
This self-propelled machine autonomously marks the entire field quickly. Layout selection is made via the tablet, and the SWOZI auto takes over from there.
You can monitor its progress and even adjust its speed, with a maximum speed of up to 7 km/h. Thanks to GPS technology, it ensures precision down to the centimetre.

With a generous 30 kg paint capacity and a battery replacement system, the SWOZI auto can cover extensive distances without the need for frequent recharges or paint refills, regardless of the paint brand/manufacturer.

Fully Autonomous

It effortlessly and precisely paints lines at speeds of up to 7 km/h while automatically operating with sophisticated GPS, executing precise line marking tasks with zero manual input, perfect for large-scale operations.

Maximum flexibility

In locations with patchy GPS reception (e.g. under tree rows), the SWOZI auto can seamlessly transition to manual mode. This offers greater flexibility for operational performance and efficiency. Thanks to the handlebar, you can simply push the machine.


Capable of marking large areas quickly and efficiently, this system is ideal for professional sports venues seeking to minimise labour and time.
Only one operator needed – that’s it!

Battery replacement system

Make use of the interchangeable battery system (optional), ensuring two batteries are always ready for use, allowing for hours of uninterrupted line marking without recharging.

Save time & Colour

Save up to 75% of time and reduce paint consumption with a mix of GPS technology and a precision matched nozzle resulting in ultimate brightness and durability with minimal environmental impact and reduced costs.

Engineered Precision and Ease

Engineered with accuracy and durability at the forefront, ensuring every line is flawlessly straight and consistently sharp. Comes equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and operation, making advanced line marking accessible to all users.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

Explore FountainLine’s extensive range of line marking paints and liquids, designed for durability and vibrant visibility. From ready-to-use formulas like ProntoWhite to concentrated solutions like UltraBlack Max, our products ensure your sports fields look flawless and professional under any conditions.


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