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Swozi Ride On

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Advanced Features for Superior Performance

Introducing the Swozi Ride On – the latest innovation in autonomous sports field line markers. The Swozi Ride On is revolutionising the way sports fields are prepared. This 3 in 1 autonomous line marking machine is equipped with cutting-edge RTK GPS technology, allowing for precise and consistent lines every time. Its user-friendly interface and versatile application make it suitable for various sports, including soccer, rugby, and athletics. Built to withstand rigorous conditions, the Swozi Ride On offers unparalleled efficiency and durability, making it a valuable asset for any sports facility.

Two GPS precision sources

For particularly precise markings, high quality precision source/GPS receiver for advanced and consistent line markings.

Simple Controls

Includes a Samsung tablet that displays fields for all common sports, which are also stored in the SWOZI Cloud on the SWOZI App.

Dual Battery System Option

Make use of the optional interchangeable battery system, ensuring two batteries are always ready for use, allowing for hours of uninterrupted line marking.

Adjustable Spray Head and Arm

The adjustable spray head and movable spray arm ensure precise line width and accurate positioning regardless of the terrain.

Steering & brake

Simply steer the SWOZI ride-on with the handlebar. It’s absolutely intuitive. Acceleration and braking is easily controlled by the operator.

Why Choose Swozi Ride On?

The ride-on version offers groundsmen and service providers a highly efficient way to manage multiple sports fields or facilities. Simply dock the ride-on device onto the trolley and off you go. Feel free: With the SWOZI ride-on, you can easily mark several pitches in one go without having to recharge batteries or top up paint in between. The ride-on module can be easily separated from the marking machine. This means you can also use it as a semi-autonomous push version.

Ride-On Comfort

Engineered for comfort, reducing operator fatigue with a seat designed for extended use, making it ideal for large area coverage.

GPS Enhanced Accuracy

Integrates high-precision GPS technology to ensure every line is perfectly straight and consistent.

Robust Construction

Constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding rigorous use across various terrain types.

3 in 1 Mode Flexibility

Provides the option to switch between fully automated
GPS-guided marking, ride on and manual push control for intricate design work on sports fields.

Save Time & Colour

Save up to 75% of time and reduce paint consumption with a mix of GPS technology and a precision matched nozzle resulting in ultimate brightness and durability with minimal environmental impact and reduced costs.

User-Friendly Interface

Comes equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and operation, making advanced line marking accessible to all users.

Superior Formulas for Every Sports Venue

Explore FountainLine’s extensive range of line marking paints and liquids, designed for durability and vibrant visibility. From ready-to-use formulas like ProntoWhite to concentrated solutions like UltraBlack Max, our products ensure your sports fields look flawless and professional under any conditions.


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