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New XtremeWhite – The Hydrophobic game-changer for Line Marking


Ever since paint replaced chalk, Line Markers have sought ways to keep track lines fresh and crisp for longer. Enter XtremeWhite, FountainLine’s own, unique-blend concentrate.

  • Durable – stays bright for twice as long
  • Hydrophobic – sticks to wet grass
  • Economical – 200% increase in line-length

With a superior formula, FountainLine has broken new ground in line marking paint. After testing (see image below), XtremeWhite proved its ability to create lines that stay twice as bright for twice as long.

XtremeWhite also takes the weather factor out line marking. The new formula includes a hydrophobic compound that breaks the surface water tension on blades of grass, allowing paint to adhere in almost all conditions.

Says FountainLine CEO, Terry Ibrahim: “We tested the product for the first time straight after a torrential downpour, and it works. It gives green keepers the flexibility to head straight out onto the field after a heavy shower, or get in early on match day, before the dew has dried.”

The new formula also stretches your dollar. Increased concentrate levels means the same volume of paint will mark out more than twice the length of line as traditional paints. So a 10L tub that previously covered 2–3 fields will now complete 6–8 fields.

Three reasons to trial XtremeWhite

  • Soft-settling formula means old, diluted paint* needs just a few stirs and it's ready to go
  • Xtreme-long shelf life means reduced wastage
  • XtremeCube 10L tub sports easy-pour corner spouts, needs 40% less storage space.

XtremeWhite is available in three sizes: 10L cube tubs; 200L drums; and the bulk-sized 1000L drums for professional clubs.

*Diluted paint that has been standing for up to six months

Change your line-marking game

Call us on 02 9587 0232, and discover how XtremeWhite will make your sports field easier to maintain.

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