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New ProLine V4 Laser Frame (LF) Marker


A better Line Marker made with Swiss laser technology – more robust, more accurate and easier to use

The high-tech and revolutionary robust design for the ProLine V4 laser frame (LF) Marker has now launched and is on the market.

Australia’s only Line Marking machine builder FountainLine has redesigned the ProLine V4 LF machine using Swiss laser technology. “The high-tech laser-cutter will improve line marker construction, because it enables us to cut the line marker components accurately – 100th of a millimetre accuracy,” says Managing Director, Richard Harris. “It means we can turn a relatively simple line marking machine into a piece of high-tech engineering. All of which converts to a better and more robust machine which has unmatchable accuracy and consistency.”

“Accuracy of machine build translates into accuracy of machine usage,” Richard says. “In the next few months, the market will see line markers in a class beyond any other made in Australia before."

The ProLine V4 LF is as strong-as-ever. Line marking is simpler, edges are cleaner, contours more defined and maintenance is straightforward.

The new robust ProLine V4 LF was launched in September and is available now for the same value-for-money price.

Line marking tip

Regularly circulate hot water through the machine for 30 mins to ensure you maintain optimal performance of your ProLine V4 LF.

For further hints and tips call our customer service hotline on 02 9587 0232.

Did you know?

The ProLine V4 LF is Australia’s No.1 selling line marker and is the only line marking machine with a 10 year manufacturing warranty.

Using the No.1 selling combination of the FountainLine Line Marking Paint and Line Marking Machine, maintenance is simple, PLUS nozzle and pump blockages are avoided.

Keep a ready supply of FountainLine Line Marking Paint and order early to ensure you continue to enjoy this winning combination.

Customer service hotline 02 9587 0232

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